Glover´s Atoll was named after pirate brothers, John and Rodger Glover, in the 1750´s. Before pirates the Mayans sailed here, pieces of Mayan pottery have been found on the islands and beaches. In 1996 the Atoll was designated as Marine Reserve.

Isla Marisol Resort is the perfect, idyllic, secluded Caribbean island of your dreams. Located within the World Heritage Marine Park Glover’s Reef 39 miles off the coast of Belize, Isla Marisol Resort is the last true paradise in the Caribbean where we offer scuba diving, nitrox diving, snorkeling, intense flyfishing, beachcombing, and seafood feasts all set in the exotic environment of the tropics. The view of the dawn and the sunset from our pier is spectacular. You can watch the southern sting rays swim past, along with the colorful shoals of smaller parrot fish and even the occasional nurse shark. A family of tarpons lives under the marina bar and a pair of loggerhead turtles camp near the boat house. The nature of the Caye has remained largely the same over 70-years while in the ownership of the Usher family. We want you to share this paradise that we’ve enjoyed on our island.

We are not a five-star vacation spot nor are we the Ritz. We are a mid-tier boutique, family-owned eco-resort a bit rustic but focused on delivering a quality experience filled with adventure, marine wonders and exotic cuisine within a spectacular environment where our guests are served by our amazing staff who will welcome and treat you like family. Really. Because the staff all live here for two-week shifts, they bond and become a cohesive unit much like any other family and that ambiance spills over to and is shared by our guests.

We have 11-comfortable cabanas, half of which sit atop the Caribbean surf and separate reef houses all of which have hot water and running toilets.

The dining lodge is the focus of the resort as our guests are treated to the sublime cooking of Miss Jenice and Miss Ezra. Fresh fruit, fish salbutes, coconut soup, grilled conch, hogfish fingers, cassava fries as well as the full stable of meat and potato American dishes are available in generous quantities. And there are always fruity cookies, custard pie or chocolate cake for dessert. The lodge also houses our satellite modem so guests can enjoy free wi-fi during their stay.

We also spend considerable time regularly spraying the island with non toxic insect and bug repellant so your stay is as pleasant as possible

Isla Marisol Resort is a pristine marine ecosytem surrounded by 80-square miles of turquiose and blue atolls. Glover’s Reef Atoll was named after John Glover, an English pirate that used the islands for attacking Spanish merchant vessels in the 18th century. Isla Marisol Resort sits on the Southwest Caye and has been privately owned by the Usher family since 1942. Our lovely homely vacation spot is locally celebrated for its fine Belizean and Caribbean cuisine; sunbathers, divers and fishermen from all over the world have stayed with us over the last 70-years.

Glover’s Reef is a World Heritage Site and Marine Reserve with strict rules about collecting shells, fishing and diving. Unlike many Pacific atolls, which are built on top of volcanoes, the Belizean atolls sit on top of underwater ridges close enough to the surface to form excellent coral formations and huge sponges. Besides its healthy coral life you will also be astonished by the clarity of its surrounding waters and the abundance and diversity of fish species. You can see king mackerel, eagle rays, bonefish, tarpon, groupers and coral reef fishes all from shore.

Our island is filled with hybrid palm trees and lush vegetation and flora. We are the only human presence here so there are countless paths and areas to explore and beachcomb. Happily marooned on an island paradise, it is practically impossible NOT to relax and feel the stress of your life melt away in the sun and warm Caribbean breezes. If you cannot relax here…

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At Glover´s Atoll Resort you can enjoy excellent diving, snorkeling and swimming right from beach. Glover’s Atoll is Belize’s most remote atoll.  It is 90 square miles (145 km), 700 patch reefs in the lagoon and is surrounded by 50 miles (80.5km) of sheer drop-offs, which start from 25 feet and drop straight down to 2,700 feet (900 m), 45 miles (72.45 km) from the mainland. Reef crests, islands, flats offer great catch and release spin or fly-fishing.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving Glover’s Reef atoll at the Isla Marisol PADI dive resort is no ordinary experience.

Beneath the turquoise waters of Belize is an underwater world that exceeds every other Caribbean dive destination in diversity, size and scope. Extending over 185 miles north to south, the Belize Barrier Reef system is the greatest stretch of coral in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest barrier reef in the world. The reef system encompasses wall drop-offs, pinnacles, spur and groove formations, swim-throughs and more.

Beyond the barrier reef lie three enormous rings of coral, known as atolls. These formations provide divers and snorkelers with hundreds of miles of additional reef. Lighthouse Reef, the Turneffe Island atoll and Glover’s Reef atoll together cover more than 400 square miles with a total of 140 miles of drop-off walls. Incredibly, these atolls comprise as much reef surface as the Belize barrier reef itself. These Belizean atolls, unlike Pacific atolls built on volcanoes, sit atop two parallel submarine ridges close enough to the surface to allow the formation of massive coral and sponge growths.

The reef that surrounds the five islands (called “cayes,” pronounced “keys”) that comprise Glovers Reef atoll is a Marine Nature Reserve. The clarity of the water that surrounds Glover’s and the abundance and diversity of fish species found here makes it the premier diving base in the country. This reef is home to more than 100-different kinds of coral and some 500-species of fish. Divers at Glover’s regularly spot eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, southern stingrays, large grouper, barracuda, king mackerel, dolphins and several shark species, as well as Creole wrasse, French angelfish and almost every other kind of smaller tropical reef fish. Our dives are typically wall drift dives interspersed with sand channels adorned with hard and soft coral and massive multi-colored sponges. The largest fish in the sea, the whale shark, also visits our area during the months from April to June.

This was an AMAZING dive vacation. The reef was unbelievably beautiful and only a 5-10 minute boat ride from the dock. Mora was a fantastic dive master – the best. In a week of diving, we never went back to the same spot. Mora knows the entire reef system and can describe/explain everything you are seeing. We saw an incredible variety of fish, many turtles, rays, beautiful coral & vegetation, enormous lobsters. Some days my husband and I were the only divers and Mora was our personal dive guide. Ronald was our boat captain and I was constantly impressed that he always knew exactly where the divers were on drift dives.Austin Roam

Whale Sharks

As the largest fish in the sea, reaching lengths of 40 feet (12 meters) or more, the whale shark is a slow-moving filter feeding shark with a 10-ton a day appetite.

The whale shark is found in tropical and warm oceans and lives in the open sea with a lifespan of about 70 years. Although whale sharks have very large mouths, as filter feeders they feed mainly, though not exclusively, on plankton, microscopic plants and animals. In order to eat, the whale shark juts out its formidably sized jaws and passively filters everything in its path. The mechanism is theorized to be a technique called “cross-flow filtration,” similar to some bony fish and baleen whales. However, the BBC program Planet Earth filmed a whale shark feeding on a school of small fish. The same documentary showed footage of a whale shark timing its arrival to coincide with the mass spawning of fish shoals and feeding on the resultant clouds of eggs and sperm.

Isla Marisol offers both divers and snorkelers the unique opportunity to spot this large pelagic feeder. The whale sharks visit Gladden’s Spit especially during the full moons of March, April, May and June. Each year during the full moon, mutton and Cuberra snappers spawn at Gladden Spit. Here the whale sharks seem to feed on the spawn of aggregating snappers – the only place this has been documented and is known to occur worldwide. The giant whale sharks come from far away to feed on the spawn and to mate.

Most of the time, whale sharks are solitary – not travelling in schools or pods like so many other marine animals. However, it’s not uncommon for them to group together to feed.

They are gentle, docile creatures. Because of their ginormous size, they have no predators and not much to be fearful of or defensive towards. And because they feed on plankton, they do not attack or show aggression towards large animals like fish or humans.

The docile and peaceful nature of whale sharks means that people can swim alongside them safely and without causing the animal fear or distress. If they ever do feel threatened, their response is to quickly dive down deep.

They are currently listed as a vulnerable species.

We just returned from a week at Isla Marisol and had a fantastic time! So, here’s the summary…

Activities: Awesome, like extremely freaking awesome. Scuba Diving was top notch, and Eddie’s teaching of the Discover Scuba course was one of the best that I’ve ever attended – totally focused on safety and great with the divers that needed a little more guidance. Mora (other Dive Master) has 3,000 dives, so needless to say, she’s an incredible guide. Staff: Incredible. The folks working at Isla Marisol were unbelievably helpful and great to spend time with. Whether it was Willis (co-manager) giving us fishing tips or Ally serving delicious, cold Belkin beer at the bar, we loved spending time with everyone. David D.


Fishing day at Isla Marisol usually starts at 4:30 – 5:00 am with coffee, juice and a pastry. We will have selected the species the night before so we are focused and targeted. Usually, we will look for tarpon, first just north of our lagoon, a five-minute boat ride away and if not, we’ll fish the lagoon in front of Marisol. We use barbless, medium hooks and put two fly fishers in each boat. We’ll fish from 5:00 am – 7 am and may even fish Middle Caye casting in the mangrove areas in 1.5 – 2 ft of water. Our waters are pristine and there is no one fishing around us for miles.

We return for breakfast at 7:30 am, switch gear and then go out and fish for bonefish. For these, we find saltwater flats and fish for bonefish with hard sole rubber shoes so we can walk the shallow waters and throw our lines. We’ll fish until 11:30 am when we break for lunch. Normally, we’ll spend the afternoon pursuing other things, or simply lazing around in hammocks with a Belikan. When the sun starts to set and the tide comes up, we’ll go out and find some permit fish. This brings us full cycle to completing a Caribbean flyfishing grandslam. It doesn’t get any better than this.permit fishing at Isla Marisol Resort

Our job is to guide you to the fish; it is your job to catch them. At Glover’s Reef, to show you fish, all you have to do is come down.

We also go deep sea fishing in the diesel-powered main boat for barracuda, groupers, big mackerel, sailfish, tuna, wahoos and mahi mahi. We make it a 6-8 hour day, bringing beers, sandwiches and cold drinks along with us for the ride. At 6-knots cruising speed, we can catch 100 pounds just by cruising around the atoll.

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Glover´s Atoll is a World Heritage Site and Marine Reserve. Glovers Atoll Island Lodge is located on our privately owned 9 acre; 5 hectare Northeast Cay in the Glovers Marine Reserve, white sand, coral, & coconut trees, left in their natural state on top of the pristine reef.


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Rates are subject to change and may vary for events beyond our control such as changes in taxes or increase in fuel prices. A deposit of $400 per person is due within 10 days of reservation. Payment can be made by credit card or direct deposit into our Bank of America account. Balance payable 60 days prior to arrival. Reservations made and confirmed less than 45 days prior to arrival are to be paid in full upon receipt of confirmation.

Cancellations made up to 90 days prior to arrival receive a full refund less a $200.00pp cancellation fee. 89 to 60 days prior will forfeit deposit. 59 – 31 days forfeit 50% of total & 30 days or less no monies will be refunded. During peak seasons or holidays, other conditions may apply. Unused portions of accommodations, meals and/or activities are non-refundable. All boat itineraries are weather and conditions permitting at Captain’s discretion. All dives are at dive master’s discretion. Isla Marisol Resort will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to personal equipment or property. Isla Marisol Resort will not accept responsibility for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside our control such as late arrival of flights, severe weather, acts of God, acts of government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment.

Credit Cards:

We accept Visa and Master Cards. Credit card payments processed in Belize are charged in Belize dollars. Isla Marisol Resort is not responsible for any currency rate of exchange variances applied by banks or for any international processing fees that may be charged by your credit card company. If you prefer to pay with a check in order to avoid the extra bank fee, please let us know and we will give you our banking information.


A deposit of 25% per person is due within 10 days of reservation. Balance of payment is due 60 days prior to your arrival. Reservations made and confirmed less than 45 days prior to arrival are to be paid in full upon receipt of confirmation.


Cancellations made up to 90 days prior to arrival receive a full refund less a $200.00pp cancellation fee. 89 to 60 days prior will forfeit deposit. 59 – 31 days forfeit 50% of total & 30 days or less no monies will be refunded. During peak seasons or holidays, other conditions may apply.

Unused portions of accommodations, meals and/or activities are non-refundable. ‎

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